The Role of Patent Evaluation in Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions

patent acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are a common strategy for companies in the business world to grow and expand their market share. However, these transactions involve a significant amount of risk and uncertainty, especially when it comes to intellectual property. This is where patent evaluation plays a crucial role in ensuring a successful and profitable merger or acquisition. What […]

Leveraging The Expertise of IP Brokers for Successful Licensing Deals

ip brokers

Intellectual property (IP) rights are the legal rights that are provided to protect the original work. Of creators. When it comes to licensing deals, intellectual property (IP) brokers can be invaluable resources. With their expertise and industry knowledge, IP brokers can help businesses find the right partners for licensing agreements, negotiate favorable terms, and maximize […]

The Power of Licensing: How Patent Licensing Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Intellectual property is a valuable asset for any business, and patent licensing can be an effective strategy to monetize and grow the value of your inventions. Patent licensing refers to the process of granting permission to third parties to use, manufacture, or sell an invention in exchange for compensation, typically in the form of royalties. […]

Maximizing the Value of Your Intellectual Property with Top Patent Brokers

In today’s highly competitive landscape, protecting intellectual property has never been more important. For inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses alike, securing patents is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring long-term success. But navigating the complex world of patents can be challenging, and mistakes can be costly. That’s where top patent brokers come in – […]

Content Recommendation

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the patent portfolio and additional assets (as further described herein) for sale. All of the assets are assigned to Aperture Investments, LLC. The IP relates to content selection and organization systems related to mood. In particular, the inventions relate to assigning categories (moods) to content and searching for moods to […]

“Security for the Matter Standard, Sidewalk, and Signal Protocol (Post Quantum)”

Group A TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patent portfolio for sale “Configuration Systems And Methods For Secure Operation Of Networked Transducers” which includes US Patent 11,621,832 and US Patent Application 18,111,307 and their Foreign counterparts EP 3766222 B1, EPO 22208913.8, CA 3090703 A1, and WO 2019178312 assigned to IoT and M2M Technologies […]

“Heart Rate Monitor and Human Hydration Sensing”

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patent portfolio for sale HEART RATE MONTOR and “HUMAN HYDRATION SENSING” which includes U S Granted Patents US 10,791,964 B2; US 11,471,072 B2; and US 17 936 284 (Entitled “HUMAN HYDRATION SENSING” unpublished available with an NDA) assigned to Innovaura Corporation. The IP relates to a heart […]

Delta Electronics – 47 Patents

TransactionsIP is pleased to exclusively offer a patent portfolio from Delta Electronics. Delta Electronics, Inc., is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company. Its headquarters are in Neihu, Taipei. It is known for its DC industrial and computer fans and for switching power supplies. The company operates approximately 200 facilities worldwide, including manufacturing, sales, and R&D centers. […]


HP Inc. is exclusively offering approximately 700 US patents and their associated foreign counterparts for immediate sale.  They will consider any reasonable offer before end of year.  Subsets are available but need to meet a minimum deal size.  The categories available are: Communications – 24 Patents Computer Graphics – 30 Patents Data Processing –  61 Patents […]

“Memory Controller And Data Management Method Thereof” and “Apparatus And Method For Managing Buffer Having Three States On The Basis Of Flash Memory”

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale “Memory controller and data management method thereof” and “Apparatus and method for managing buffer having three states on the basis of flash memory” which includes U.S. Granted Patent US 9,304,905 B2 and US 10,387,045 B2 and its foreign counterpart patent applications WO2013024952A1, KR 101,257,691 […]