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“Call screening System” – US 9,386,149 B2 , US 15/201,594, and CN 201380073445.6

The IP relates to a Call screening System in order to avoid unwanted automated calls or robocalls without disturbing the callee.

The technology disclosed in the IP portfolio provides the following advantages:

• Interdicts unsolicited call, particularly robocalls in order to the reduce annoyance factor for callee.
• Preserves the normal functioning of the phone, and handles the undesired calls before ringing.
• Provides whitelist facility to allow desired robotic calls as well as calls from family and friends to be connected.
• Provides a message which includes introduction of callee, to screen out those callers who have mistakenly dialed the callee’s number and a warning to telemarketers that the callee is not interested in receiving calls about products or services.

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