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Intellectual Property Consulting Services

IP Consulting ServicesWhile TransactionsIP concentrates on transactions in support of brokering and licensing we also provide select consulting services.  Our goal is for the consulting projects to be the pathway to transactions. During the consultation, we will help the client to develop a customized IP action plan for monetization of their patents and technology.  The following are examples of projects which TransactionsIP support:

  • IP Strategy
    • On site assessment of IP assets,  licensing plans, strategies, organization and resources, and any litigation issues
    • Coordinate and align the IP strategy with the client R&D directions
    • Develop a tactical and strategic IP action plan for monetization
  • Identification of IP Assets & Evaluation
    • Sorting your patents and Technology – funneling and grouping process
    • Evaluate the patents and technology versus key licensing factor
      • Value to the client organization – internal usage
      • Industry usage
      • Licensing  opportunities
  • Valuation 
    • Financial Assessment of the IP assets for brokerage and licensing campaigns


Establish an IP Strategy and Transaction Implementation Plan for the entire organization.

The professionals of TransactionsIP bring together over 50 years of industry, university, and start-up IP knowledge and experience.
Our goal is to leverage your assets, protect, monetize, and improve the return on investment.

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