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TransactionsIP is a leading patent brokerage and consulting firm offering a full range of intellectual property services to individuals, small companies and large enterprises. We leverage client patents and technology to maximize their returns. TransactionsIP also provides patent valuation, patent analytical services, and IP strategy.

The Principals and founders of TransactionsIP are Richard Ehrlickman and Tom Major, who bring together over 50 years of industry, university, and start-up intellectual property knowledge and experience, and have completed hundreds of transactions valued at over a billion dollars, with corporations of all sizes and individual inventors.  Companies where Richard and Tom have worked include IBM, the University of Utah, AlliedSignal, Honeywell, and IPValue. Both Rich and Tom are recognized as Certified Licensing Professionals by the Licensing Executives Society, and selected as Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists.

The patent sales environment attempts to bring together sellers and buyers. Often it is difficult for them to find each other. This is when it makes sense to use a patent broker, such as TransactionsIP. We develop a marketing strategy for your Patents and Technology; create a Brokerage Marketing Package; implement a marketing campaign targeting the key decision makers at the prospect buyer companies to showcase the patents for sale; then work with both the buyer and seller to ensure a fair monetary amount can be agreed upon by both parties; and lastly close the sale. Working primarily on a contingency basis, TransactionsIP’s ultimate goal is cash generation for the client.

TransactionsIP also provides IP strategy, four affordable patent valuation services, and four patent analytical services.

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Client Testimonials

“You did an amazing job from day 1 cultivating, building relationships, and bringing this opportunity to closure. Thank you!”

“Professional Team, which closed numerous deals for us.”

“Patent valuation services let to patent monetization.”

“Completed successful acquisitions for us anonymously.”

“You guys are AWESOME. We should make some good $ together.”

Thank you for all your help in getting this transaction together and to completion.  Hopefully we can find further licensees, as well as find other opportunities to work together going forward. We greatly appreciate your diligent and detailed work on this effort.”

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Overview And Experience

Richard Ehrlickman, President

Mr. Richard Ehrlickman is an executive with 30 years of general management experience and success in intellectual property transactions. Extensive expertise in brokerage transactions, licensing negotiations, management leadership, financial operations, strategy and business development, particularly with regard to information technology. Significant accomplishments in driving top line revenue growth, improving profitability and closing licenses, alliances and acquisitions, in the U.S. and internationally. Mr. Ehrlickman is a former Vice President of Intellectual Property at IBM Corporation, and President of Automated Resources Group. Mr. Ehrlickman has received the recognition as a Certified Licensing Professional from the Licensing Executives Society, and selected to The World’s Leading IP Strategists list by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Strategy 250.

Tom Major, Vice President

Mr. Tom Major is an expert at exploitation of intellectual property. Assisting IP owners in maximizing their financial return including Individuals, small and large companies. Extensive experience in patent brokerage, patent assertion, licensing transactions and negotiations. Completed over 200 transactions in all types of technologies including semiconductors, gene patents, e-commerce, wireless, software, mining devices, biotech etc. Managed reverse engineering projects, claims chart creation, patent assertion, litigation and settlement negotiations. Able to find win-win situations in most instances. He has 25+ years of experience in IP transactions as a Vice President of IP at Honeywell, Allied Signal, and IPValue.  He was Director of Technology Transfer at the University of Utah.  Mr. Major was recently selected to the World’s Leading IP Strategists list by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).


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