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TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the patent portfolio and additional assets (as further described herein) for sale. All of the assets are assigned to Aperture Investments, LLC. The IP relates to content selection and organization systems related to mood. In particular, the inventions relate to assigning categories (moods) to content and searching for moods to select and recommend content. The technology disclosed provides the following advantages:

  • Automatically selects and organizes content based on the identified moods.
  • GUI tools that provide simplistic ways of selecting a mood and mood intensity associated with the content.
  • Content may be identified by a mood shape, a mood color and/or clustered based on rhythm, texture and pitch (“RTP”) scores associated with moods.
  • Audio fingerprints, such as spectrograms, may be used to objectively identify RTP and the moods in music-based content (“tracks”).
  • Utilization of audio fingerprints to objectively identify moods in tracks is a significant improvement over existing techniques that rely on subjective human analysis.
  • Classification system efficiently classifies a large number of tracks into specified categories.
  • User interface enables users to objectively derive and subjectively modify RTP scores for tracks.
  • Streamed tracks may be selected based on mood as well as other data.
  • Mood identification is not limited to music and equally applies other types of product/content, e.g., gaming, consumer product selection, videos, podcasts, services, theatre shows, amusement parks, etc.

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Method of autonomous social media system – 1 US Patent

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to exclusively present US Patent 10,575,120. This patent is a method for location-centric social network and provide means for users to interact with each other over the Internet more private and effective through location correlated information content, and, more particularly, to a method and system for autonomous social media system that based upon location-reference rather than on user-centered process.

This patent is being offered for sale for $75k.

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