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Speech Recognition


VOICE RECOGNITION SYSTEMThis Intellectual Property (IP) includes US 9,076,347 B2 assigned to Better Accent, LLC. The patent relates to Voice Recognition System in order improving pronunciation.

The technology disclosed in the patent provides the following advantages:

  • Eliminates handwriting, spelling and pronunciation problems.
  • Hands-free voice-activated commands through voice recognition system.
  • Voice recognition technology help users identify (biometrics), codify (health care), search (voice search), navigate (voice-enabled navigation), and control (connected home).
  • Speech-based biometrics improve safety and security.
  • Easy access of smart phone through voice command.
  • Provides ease and safe driving  with voice command.
  • Improve efficiency in healthcare industry by reducing the time taken for filling out charts, and notes for patients.

Voice Recognition technology has enabled a wide range of applications for industrial and domestic purposes. The need to automate and provide user convenience has triggered the adaptation of speech recognition technology in all facets of everyday applications. However, the technology has found extensive demand in mobile phones/ hand held portable devices and automobiles.

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