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TSMC Patent Portfolio – 13 U.S. Patent Families

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present a TSMC Patent Portfolio (including traditional Si FET(FinFET, PKG, BEOL) and HEMT(GaN) comprised of 13 US Patent Families (including Foreign Counterparts).

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    Knowm Memristor Patent Portfolio – 40 US Patents & 5 US Application

    TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive Patent & Technology Portfolio for sale “MEMRISTOR / ReRAM PATENTS & TECHNOLOGY” which includes 40 US Patents and 5 US Applications from KNOWM Inc.

    The Patents and Technology cover the following areas:

    • Memristors / ReRAM
    • Neuromorphics / Machine Learning / Neural Networks
    • Computing Methods / Architectures / Reconfigurable Logic

    This Excel lists all of the patents and applications.

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