Delta Electronics – 47 Patents

TransactionsIP is pleased to exclusively offer a patent portfolio from Delta Electronics.

Delta Electronics, Inc., is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company. Its headquarters are in Neihu, Taipei. It is known for its DC industrial and computer fans and for switching power supplies. The company operates approximately 200 facilities worldwide, including manufacturing, sales, and R&D centers.

The portfolio is made up of 47 US Patents and multiple foreign counterparts. The patents cover technologies in the following areas:  Bobbin/Transformers, Communications, Control Methods, Displays, and Projection Systems. 

The portfolio is minimally encumbered and being offered at a pricing of mid to low 7 figures USD.  Delta is willing to sell Individual Patents, Groups, or the Entire Portfolio.

The portfolio is more fully described a spreadsheet that can be obtained by filling out the form to the right.

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