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“Personal Network System” – U.S. Patent US 9705736

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patent for sale “PERSONAL NETWORK SYSTEM” which includes U.S. Patent US 9705736 B2, assigned to Ray Wang, Borwyn Anne Wang and Andrew Wang. The IP relates to a method and system for a personal network.

The technology disclosed in the IP patent provides the following advantages:

  • Provides secure tunneling/threads across cloud and non-cloud communications network.
  • Secure communication for location-aware client network devices with minimal CPU processing power and memory with a thin client application.
  • Reduces “ALL-IN-ONE” architecture into many individual configurable low-cost smart network devices. 
  • User can configure and de-configure applications based on personal need.

The cloud engineering market is estimated to reach 13.43 USD billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 23.21%.

This patent is being offered for sale for $15k.

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“Geographic Chip Locator” – U.S. Patent US 9195864 B2

Wireless CommunicationTransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the attached exclusive patent for sale “Geographic Chip Locator” which includes U.S. Patent 9,195,864, assigned to Lawrence D. Simmons, JR. The IP relates to a system for obtaining location and additional information via short range communication.

The technology disclosed provides the following advantages:

  • The system provides available information at any location of tagged devices.
  • The additional information being fetched from server’s memory saves the tag memory space and hence the tag’s manufacturing cost reduces greatly.
  • Active use of handheld device enables any mobile device to be used as a scanner and therefore eliminates the need for separate scanners.
  • The invention provides a centralized data for asset tracking.

The global Asset tracking market was estimated 10.7 billion USD in 2016. The growth projection of the asset management system market is rocketing because of the reduced inventory and stock management cost as well as effective utilization of existing equipment through tracking and monitoring thereby helps organizations to achieve their objectives.

This patent portfolio is being offered for sale for $100k.

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