Smart Sensors – 5 U.S. Patents and 2 Applications

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 9.47.34 PMThis Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is assigned to the inventor, KIOMARS ANVARI, and includes U.S. Patents 9,262,910; 8,891,696; 8,706,067; 9,076,325; and 9,444,988. The IP relates to Smart wireless Sensors, which are capable of detecting various environmental parameters in order to increase safety and comfort in various fields like Automated Automobiles, Helmets, Traffic Monitoring, Contact Sports, Smart Environments and etc.

The technology disclosed in the IP portfolio provides the following advantages:

  • The system is capable of taking precise action (activating a device) based on the detected parameters.
  • Control processor used in the invention has a variety of thresholds and communication facility, based on which, it can control multiple devices.
  • Additional receiver signal strength measurement facilitates in identifying wanted signal from the unwanted signal.
  • Provides a protection gear or equipment for monitoring against any impact from objects in surrounding environment.

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