Helmet with Wireless Sensing System – 3 U.S. Patents and 1 Application

This Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is assigned to KIOMARS ANVARI. The IP relates to a helmet with a wireless sensor system for monitoring of surrounding objects. The technology disclosed in the IP portfolio consisting of U.S. Patents 8,947,195; 9,007,217; and 9,075,405 provides the following advantages: • Provides effective protection from impacts as the sensors in […]

Smart Sensors – 5 U.S. Patents and 2 Applications

This Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is assigned to the inventor, KIOMARS ANVARI, and includes U.S. Patents 9,262,910; 8,891,696; 8,706,067; 9,076,325; and 9,444,988. The IP relates to Smart wireless Sensors, which are capable of detecting various environmental parameters in order to increase safety and comfort in various fields like Automated Automobiles, Helmets, Traffic Monitoring, Contact Sports, Smart […]

Brand Mapping – 4 U.S. Patents

TransactionsIP is pleased to present the attached portfolio “Brand Mapping” which includes 4 U.S. patents (7,768,395; 8,106,766; 8,405,504; 8,451,114), assigned to N99 LLC, inventor Steven Gold. This is a patent acquisition opportunity.  The portfolio relates to Brand Mapping on portable electronic devices and covers using a mobile device to map and help local brands. This […]