“Reflector Antenna’s For 5G Infrastructure”

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents portfolio for sale Reflector Antenna’s For 5G Infrastructurewhich includes 20 patent families consists of 9 U.S. Grant Patents, 15 U.S. Application Patents and its foreign counterparts assigned to Metawave Corporation. 

The IP relates to multiple structures, configurations, architectures, and system applications of broadband low-latency low (zero)-power consumption passive reflector relays (including all-analog designs) for connected networks, including 5G infrastructure. The reflectors are based on various novel structure, design, and configuration like meta-structure (“MTS”) reflector, beam steering antenna module (“BSAM”), frequency-selective relay, phased array antenna, reflectarray antenna, SATCOM ground terminal and so forth.

The items below are available upon request:

  1. Brokerage Marketing Package
  2. Excel List of 20 Patent Families Comprising the Portfolio
  3. Backup Detail for all Patents and Applications
  4. Evidence of Use Chart for US 10,854,985.  We believe that Japan has been leading the 5g Infrastructure rollout and would anticipate that as the hardware grows worldwide it is likely that these patents will be extremely important for all 5G implementations.  We anticipate that Metawave US 11,114,767 would also apply to this case.
  5. Metawave Product: KLONE Reflector – Passive Relay for 5G Deployment

The patent portfolio will have great significance in the future as we are witnessing tremendous growth in the telecom domain, be it product or standard. 


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