Brand Mapping – 4 U.S. Patents

sample-applicationsTransactionsIP is pleased to present the attached portfolio “Brand Mapping” which includes 4 U.S. patents (7,768,395; 8,106,766; 8,405,504; 8,451,114), assigned to N99 LLC, inventor Steven Gold. This is a patent acquisition opportunity.  The portfolio relates to Brand Mapping on portable electronic devices and covers using a mobile device to map and help local brands.

This is a patent acquisition opportunity. The company that owns the patents had been licensing them, but they have decided they would like to just sell the portfolio and we have been asked to contact a select set of companies.

  • The IP portfolio discloses technology that empowers users to quickly and easily find and view geographic information, e.g., store or product locations.
  • This technology can be implemented in mapping software used on mobile devices, in branded apps, and as a new stand-alone application.
  • The portfolio is technically and financially beneficial for offensive and defensive strategies for any company with branded product or service locations.

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