“Memory Controller And Data Management Method Thereof” and “Apparatus And Method For Managing Buffer Having Three States On The Basis Of Flash Memory”

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale “Memory controller and data management method thereof” and “Apparatus and method for managing buffer having three states on the basis of flash memory” which includes U.S. Granted Patent US 9,304,905 B2 and US 10,387,045 B2 and its foreign counterpart patent applications WO2013024952A1, KR 101,257,691 B1, WO2015002481A1 and KR 101,481,633 B1 assigned to Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation of Ajou University. The IP relates, in general, to a memory controller and data management method thereof and, more particularly, to technology for taking into consideration wear-leveling while minimizing the deterioration of the performance of a flash memory device.

The technology disclosed provides the following  advantages:

  • The invention presents an improved merge operation procedure that is capable of minimizing the occurrence of a separate read or write operation for wear-leveling after a merge operation has been performed.
  • The invention provides efficient wear leveling.
  • The invention maximizes the performance of flash memory.
  • The invention maximizes the storage efficiency by transferring victim block to Cold page.
  • The invention reduces a writing operation for a flash memory device in which the writing operation is very slow in comparison with a reading operation.
  • The invention improves the performance of a database management system (DBMS) on the basis of the flash memory and a use life span of a storage device.
  • The invention enhances efficiency of replacement costs of a dirty unit by considering and selecting a space to be ensured after evicting and the number of writing times for the flash memory of a replaced object instead of a simple method of selecting a replaced object (a LRU method), in selecting the replaced object when a buffer space is insufficient.

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