Knee Restraint System and Operating Room Clamp

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale Knee Restraint System And Surgical Bed Clampwhich includes U.S. Granted Patents US 10,709,596 B2; US 10,702,438 B1; US 8,689,793 B2; US 8,621,692 B1; US 8,561,234 B1 & US 8,051,515 B1 assigned to Ortho Biometrix LLC. The IP relates to devices for holding or securing a patient’s leg during knee arthroscopy surgery and any other medical procedures that requires immobilizing a patient’s leg and relates to a surgical bed and a clamp that attaches to the rail of a surgical bed.

OrthoBiometrix LLC’s  Knee Restraint System (KRS) or Knee Brace system is totally “unique” in the field of knee arthroscopy, which incorporate light weight, anatomical design, efficacy, and simplicity of use.

Manufacturer is Nylacarb of Vero Beach, Fl.   The company wholly owns the molds (a value of over U$ 250,000.00).  Current inventory is approximately 450 knee restraints and clamps.

Devices are available as both samples and surgical application, if required.  The KRS is currently in daily use by select surgeons, primarily Brett Casey, MD, Houma, La.

Key advantages of the KRS:

  • Easy to Set Up and Use.
  • Total access to Knee Joint, anatomical design.
  • Total weight less than 2 lbs.
  • Enhanced efficacy, safety, and comfort.
  • Facilitates sterile draping.
  • Promotes adjustability & control.
  • Provides support for distal thigh.
  • Allows manipulation & stressing of the knee joint during surgery.
  • Surgeon has complete control of varus & valgus stress application, facilitating access to knee joint.
  • Allows surgeon to sit during procedures.
  • Reduces need for additional surgical assistants.  The KRS could be considered a Surgical Assistant due to its salient advantages in the surgical suite.

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