“Holographic Human-Machine Interfaces” – US7054045

U.S. Patent US 7054045 B2TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patent for sale “Holographic human-machine interfaces” which includes U.S. Patent US 7054045 B2 plus Foreign Counterparts assigned to HoloTouch, Inc. The IP relates to holographic human-machine interfaces (“HMIs”) between humans and electronic or electro-mechanical devices.

The technology disclosed provides the following advantages:

  • Holographic HMIs, are intended to replace touch screens or touch pads presenting multiple screens of information to the operator.
  • Holographic Images which are generated by holographic HMIs can be smoothly integrated with input or output information available to the human operator on information presentation equipment of the electronic or electro-mechanical device being controlled.
  • Compared to conventional interfaces, the holographic HMI can receive tactile feedback when interacting with a holographic images, which does not cause the operator to lose track of the commands or information being entered into the electronic or electro-mechanical device.
  • Holographic HMI devices are relatively less large and bulky, and they consume relatively less amounts of power, making them practical for various uses.
  • Holographic HMI uses control arrangement apparatus which allows an operator to control an electronic or electro-mechanical device of the type conventionally controlled by a tangible control mechanism having customarily touch-activated tangible input objects.

The global augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) markets are poised to reach USD 766 billion by 2025, recording a whopping 73.7% CAGR over the forecast period of 2018 to 2025. VR applications of HoloTouch technology immerse gamers in exciting computer games, whether projected by headsets or from standalone electronics.

Additional information can be obtained by visiting HoloTouch website:  www.HoloTouch.com

This patent portfolio is being offered for sale for $237k or for non-exclusive licensing for $50k.

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