Method of autonomous social media system – 1 US Patent

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to exclusively present US Patent 10,575,120. This patent is a method for location-centric social network and provide means for users to interact with each other over the Internet more private and effective through location correlated information content, and, more particularly, to a method and system for autonomous social media system that […]

51 US Patents and Foreign Counterparts with Sub Portfolios in Browser, Media, Social Media, Advertisement, Content, and Video / Display

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to exclusively present a RhythmOne (A Tremor Intl. Company) patent portfolio for sale which includes 51 U.S. Patents. The IP covers Fundamental Technologies in several areas including: BROWSER                           –   8 patents MEDIA                                   – 10 patents SOCIAL MEDIA                    –  29 patents ADVERTISEMENT               –  14 patents CONTENT (MULTIMEDIA)   –   4 patents VIDEO / DISPLAY                –    3 patents […]

Messaging Unification and Device Power Savings Technology Available for License

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to exclusively present from Disa Technologies Inc. a messaging unification technology available for license. Imagine all your messages from all platforms available in one application. And because you only have one app open there is significant power savings with your mobile device. This technology is patent protected by US 9,699,729. The […]