Biometrics IP Portfolio – 5 U.S. Patents and 1 Application

TransactionsIP is representing Global E-Dentity in selling their Biometrics IP Portfolio (3 Patents – Biometric authentication of individuals utilizing characteristics of bone and blood vessel structures); and an Application for Biometrics for Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. In addition, the first 2 covid detection patents issued: US 10,880,303 & US 16/953,087 (NOA)-  REAL-TIME COVID-19 OUTBREAK IDENTIFICATION WITH NON-INVASIVE, INTERNAL IMAGING FOR DUAL BIOMETRIC AUTHENTICATION […]

HP Patent Portfolio – 1151 US Patents and Foreign Counterparts

TransactionsIP is pleased to exclusively present a new HP patent portfolio for sale consisting of 1151 US Patents plus their Foreign Counterparts. The IP covers technologies in several areas: Printing & Ink – 605 Patents Imaging – 32 Patents Data Processing –  78 Patents Packaging and Semiconductor – 76 Patents Communications – 41 Patents Security […]

Camera Angle Switching in a Video Stream & Streaming Video Navigation Systems

Cascades Streaming Technologies, LLC: Camera Angle Switching in a Video Stream: (US 7571244B2; US 8156236B2; US 9264472B2; US 10305948B2); and Streaming Video NavigationSystems (US 8787726). 5 US issued patents across 2 patent families related to technology for rapid key frame switching and for smooth switching between camera angles in a video stream. Brokerage package summary including identified EOU […]

Augmented Reality Imaging System Patent Portfolio

US Pat. No. 9,854,227, “Depth Sensor,” claims a single lens apparatus that detects the location of objects in a field of view. Unlike current sensors on the market, this sensor works without: (1) structured light (that can be washed out by other light sources), or (2) stereo vision (which requires multiple sensors). US Pat. No. […]

27 HP Inc. Digital Camera and Image Processing Patents

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present on an exclusive basis the following patents for sale “DIGITAL CAMERA & IMAGE PROCESSING” which includes 27 U.S. Patents assigned to HP. The IP relates to methods and apparatus for processing digital camera records and storing photographic images in digital form. The inventions pertain to image capturing which is usually accomplished by use of image sensors, using […]

Three Dimensional (3D) Display System

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patent for sale “THREE DIMENSIONAL (3D) DISPLAY SYSTEM” which includes U.S. Patent US 9,667,948 B2, assigned to Ray Wang, Borwyn Anne Wang and Andrew Wang. The IP relates to a method and system for providing a three-dimensional (3D) display of two-dimensional (2D) information. The technology disclosed in […]