Augmented Reality Imaging System Patent Portfolio

US Pat. No. 9,854,227, “Depth Sensor,” claims a single lens apparatus that detects the location of objects in a field of view. Unlike current sensors on the market, this sensor works without: (1) structured light (that can be washed out by other light sources), or (2) stereo vision (which requires multiple sensors).

US Pat. No. 10,257,499, “Motion Sensor,” patent claims a displacement processor that detects the motion of objects in a field of view using the Depth Sensor.

US Pat. Appl. No. 16/278,231, “Fusing Measured Multifocal Depth Data with Object Data,” patent application claims the fusion of depth data and object data. The depth data provides position information of an object. The Object data describing characteristics of the object. The Object data may come from external sources (e.g. cloud based image recognition services, external sensors, and/or databases)

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