“Attendance Tracking System” – US 8,353,705 B2

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patent for sale “Attendance Tracking System” which includes U.S. Patent US 8,353,705 B2 assigned to InCom Corp. The IP relates to systems and methods for tracking the location of individuals, such as students entering or leaving a classroom. 

The technology disclosed provides the following advantages,

  • The present system provides school administrators to keep accurate attendance records, to track the location of students as they move about the school campus, and to easily prepare reports for use by various governmental agencies.
  • The encrypted data which are in the student RFID tags does not provide usable information to other scanners, so that compatible scanners in department stores or other locations cannot read the student’s information. This helps protect the students’ privacy.
  • The attendance tracker can also correct the seating assignment as reflected on the provisional attendance report, if the actual seat assignment for any student has changed.
  • The present system feeds real-time attendance data to the teachers’ handheld computing device in order to ensure that the attendance records are accurate.
  • The monitoring will allow the school to correlate time away from class with school security problems, such as vandalism. This will also allow the school to track minutes in class, which must be tracked for certain special programs.

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