“WiFi Easy Connect Using The Cloud” – 3 U.S. Patents, 2 Applications, & 3 Foreign Counterparts

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale “Wi Fi Easy Connect Using the Cloud” which includes U S Granted Patents US 10,169,587 B1; US 10,621,352 B2; US 10,958,425 B2; U S Patent Application US 16,827,681; US 17,198,166 and Foreign Counterpart Patent Application CA 3,110,641 A1; EP 19803936.4 CA 3,110,468 A1 assigned to IOT and M2M Technologies, LLC. The IP relates to the automatic, secure configuration of devices connecting to Wi Fi networks, including support for the device provisioning protocol (and also “zero touch provisioning”). Systems include (i) proxies or relays and (ii) cloud based servers that record PKI keys, in order securely transfer a set of Wi Fi network credentials to devices. The systems and methods support replacement of the deprecated “Wi Fi Protected Setup”Setup” (WPS).

The technology disclosed provides the following advantages

  • Simplifies and automates connecting devices to Wi Fi networks.
  • Increases security since configuring mobile phones could be insecure.
  • Eliminates the steps and costs to transfer mobile phone public keys to devices for mutual authentication.
  • Readily supports scaling to millions of devices or more.
  • Supports mutual authentication in order to securely authenticate a device and a cloud based initiator before transferring network access credentials to the device.
  • Enables “zero touch” provisioning for devices by devices recording public keys equivalent to root certificates.

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