ValidAct Secure Gateway (VGS) – A Continuous Security Solution System

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive “ValidAct Secure Gateway (VGS) – A Continuous Security Solution System”, Technology, Know how, and Patents, for License or Sale, from InferSpect LLC.

The core of the System Technology is the ValidAct Secure Gateway, which ensures all activity on the server is exactly what a real user requested (e.g. user login, funds transfer, Facebook post, file transfer).

Solutions have been developed: PROVEN & WORKS.

  • Consumer – Twitter Implementation Prototype – See a Demo Video:
  • Enterprise – Credit Suisse Prototype Installed at Bank Test Lab.

Additional Benefits:

  • Single Internet Identity  > No One Can Impersonate You
  • System Wide & Continuous Transaction Validation > Real-Time Fraud Detection, With No False Positives
  • Protects The User and Host >  No Matter Where Hacks Occur
  • Application & Protocol Independent  > Any Device with Any Software
  • System Isolation From Unauthorized Users > Prevents DDoS Attacks and Hacker Probing
  • Protection On-Premise, in Cloud, and Hybrid Environments
  • Transparent Layer to Existing Security Systems > Easy Implementation & Enhances Current Security
  • Secure Logging of All User/Device Activity  > Allows Near Instant Incident Response

Security Attacks Continue to Accelerate and Seem to be a Daily Occurrence.

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