“Mobile Payment Transaction System” – US 8,301,500, US 20090254479, US 20090281904, and US 20120047070

Mobile PaymentsU.S. patent nos. 8,301,500; US 20090254479; US 20090281904; and US 20120047070 are assigned to GLOBAL 1 ENTERPRISES, andrelates to a Mobile Payment Transaction System in order to initiate and manage online payments.

The technology disclosed in the IP portfolio provides the following advantages:

  • Provides a method to use a mobile phone as a payment device.
  • Prevents fraud, theft or other misuse of your account information.
  • Provides a secure way for financial transactions for customers as well as the merchants.
  • Provides a way to securely store account information on a payment transaction server instead of a mobile phone. In case of lost your phone no one can steal your account information.

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