“Mobile Multi-Network Communications Device”

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale “Mobile multi-network communications device” which includes U.S. Granted Patents US 8,706,815 assigned to Tranz-Send Broadcast Network

The patent has been cited 34 times including At&T, Intel, Xiaomi, Nokia, and Walgreen.  Expiration is 7/25/2031.

The IP relates to a method of operating a Smartphone or other mobile handheld wireless computerized communications device outside of a normal cellular network. The method can be useful for either reducing cellular phone costs or alternatively when the cellular phone infrastructure is degraded or absent. In such situations, the Smartphone operates in an alternative peer-to-peer wireless network mode, supplemented by optical network links as needed. The method can utilize standard Smartphone functionality such as Bluetooth or WiFi transceivers, light sources,  and video cameras, and may be implemented in the form of a standard Smartphone App. The invention may establish a Gnutella-like peer-to-peer networking protocol between nearby smartphones and can extend the length of the peer-to-peer network connections by way of longer distance optical links. In alternative embodiments, various Smartphone peripherals can be added to extend the functionality of the peer-to-peer network still further.

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