Mixed Reality Glasses – U.S. Patents 9210413 and 9210413 & applications

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive “Mixed Reality Glasses”, Technology, Know how, and Patents, for Sale or License, from Reality Plus ltd. (Previously owned by Imagine Mobile Augmented Reality Ltd.). We believe the Technology, IP, and Working Prototype is a gateway to the Mixed /Augmented Reality Glasses Revolution.


  • Mixed Reality (MR) Glasses are the next generation of computing, communication and media devices.
  • MR Glasses will combine all screens – TV, smartphone, tablet, smart watch, laptop and PC – into one wearable device.
  • The ones who will lead the MR Glasses industry will lead the future global economy.
  • Reality Plus developed the IP and Know-How providing MR Wearables’ market leadership.

Reality Plus Assets:

  • Patents and Technology Know-How.
  • Working Prototype.
  • The IP and Know-How focus on efficiency: the product integrates virtual objects to reality, the product is small, light, good looking and convenient.
  • Videos are available at: https://www.5elementsplan.com/

The above can provide enormous value to an acquirer to lead the Mixed Reality Industry.

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