“Metadata Management Convergence” patents US 9,286,399 B2 and Patented ‘METASOFT v.4.0’ Software

Metadata Management ConvergenceU.S. patent no. 9,286,399 B2 relates to Metadata Management Convergence in order to create, manage and deliver metadata. The patented technology is implemented in Metasoft v.4.0 (www.nexxusnet.com)

The Metasoft software is:

  • A complete metadata-driven digital platform over 15 years and $45 Million in the making.
  • It incorporates best-of-breed multimedia metadata standards within a proven state-of-the-art architecture, offering expanded services and the ability to create platform-based ecosystems to give any business – from media & entertainment and healthcare to retail, travel, finance and government – the power to deliver digital experiences in ways that until now have been sub-optimal at best and only possible through complex and costly processes.
  • An architecture designed to automatically integrate domain-specific metadata which enables unified digital platforms that connect disparate silos of content into an interoperable whole.
  • It stitches together unmanageable patchworks of information using state-of-the-art open standards, extending the reach and inclusiveness of any software system to enable the network effects needed to create a digital ecosystem.

This Offering not only includes the patent but also the patented technology implemented in a significant software program ready to be implemented.

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