Location Based Advertising with Social Networks – 1 US Patent

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale “Methods and systems of advertising based on aggregated information of social networks within geographical locations via a network” which includes Patent US9626446 assigned to Snap Trends Inc. The patent described can apply searches and/or filters to data of social networks with respect to one or more geographical locations, geospatial references, location-based contexts, and/or map-based references. One or more social networks can be queried with search and/or filter parameters and one or more geographic locations, and results received from the social network(s) can be based on the search and/or filter parameter(s) and the geographic location(s) and presented to a user on a map or other user interface.

Location-based information (e.g., in advertisement, a promotion, a coupon, etc.) can be provided to corresponding computing devices that correspond to one or more results of the one or more queries of the social network media data sources associated with the search region. The location-based information can be provided to the computing device via one or more of a banner advertisement, a text message, a SMS (short message service) message, an email message, a video and an in-application message, among others.

This patent portfolio is being offered for sale for $45.5k.

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