“Intelligent Diaper” – US 6,559,772 & US 9,937,081

Intelligent DiaperTwo unique US granted patents that enable an inert and passive strip to detect both heat and moisture.

US 6,559,772 B2 – “Moisture Sensing Apparatus

  • Filed:      7/24/2001
  • Issued:   May 6, 2003
  • Inventor:   Dr. Farnaz Zand
  • What makes this phenomenal is that it uses uric acid to interact with conductive ink strips so as to create a circuit. Additionally, this detection of moisture is performed without using electricity.
  • A fully engineered prototype has been produced and associated production costs are quite  economical. Costs will continue to reduce as evolving technology such as 3d printing is more implemented, which will expand the market size and reach exponentially. Users will print their own strips.
  • The invention can be placed into an existing diaper or other environments requiring moisture detection and can wirelessly provide detection events.
  • The simple strip can be coupled with a diaper, undergarment, athletic clothing, a mattress protector pad or even on a bedsheet. 

 US 9,937,081 B2 – “Moisture and Fever Sensing Apparatus”

  • Filed:      06/29/2015
  • Issued:   04/10/2018
  • Patent Number:  US 9,937,081 B2
  • Inventor:  Dr. Farnaz Zand
  • One of the primary technological benefits of the ‘081 Invention and the reasons for allowance is that there are no electrical wires, metals or electrical current which touch the human skin. This helps prevent and reduce UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) based incidents. As importantly, it promotes a users/caregivers confidence and element of safety. Fever detection is introduced.
  • The NIH long ago concluded that there is a dire medical need to eradicate the incidence of UTI’s.
  • This is a combination patent which includes all invention parameters of US 6,559,772 B2 – “Moisture Sensing Apparatus”.

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