“Intelligent Autonomous On-Line System for Vehicles”

Intelligent Autonomous On-Line System for VehiclesTransactionsIP LLC is the exclusive representative of the “INTELLIGENT AUTONOMOUS ON-LINE SYSTEM FOR VEHICLES” Patent US 7,042,345 From Christ G. Ellis.

The patent relates to Intelligent Autonomous On-Line System for Vehicles, for providing collision avoidance, traffic control, incident detection & management, interactive voice response communications, automated vision enhancement systems , infrastructure and safety.

The technology disclosed in the patent provides the following advantages:

  • Intelligent Autonomous On-Line System for VehiclesMaintains safe and comfortable distance between vehicles without driver interventions
  • Maintains consistence performance in poor visibility conditions
  • Alerts drivers by way of automatic braking
  • Reduces cost of traffic management
  • Reduces traffic and parking congestions
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Reduced vehicle insurance
  • On- Line System

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