Dental Floss, Tooth Brush and Personal Hygiene patents available

Dental floss –  US 6,112,753

A dental floss having spaced, spherical protruberances along its length that improve the ability to remove unwanted material trapped between teeth, and improve the ability of a user to hold and use the floss.

Tooth BrushArticulating toothbrush – US 8,499,402

An articulating toothbrush is disclosed that has a flexible bristle head the bristles of which may be changed between flat, concave and convex states for best brushing the fronts and backs of teeth. The change is quickly and easily made by a user of the brush by applying a force to the handle toward or way from the bristled head. The handle comprises an upper handle portion and a lower handle portion that are parallel to each other and slide with alongside each other when the user applies a linear force to the handle. Locking means are provided with the upper and lower handle portions to hold them in a position to which they are moved by applying a force to them.

Personal hygiene cleansing and irrigation device – US 7,774,871

A personal hygiene cleansing device is disclosed which attaches to the wall of a shower or bath stall and to the water supply at a shower head in the stall. The device is adjustable to meet the height and other personal requirements of the user. Two generally vertically oriented, rubber coated bars are adjusted to a proper height and spacing for a user.

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