Camera Angle Switching in a Video Stream & Streaming Video Navigation Systems

Cascades Streaming Technologies, LLC: Camera Angle Switching in a Video Stream: (US 7571244B2; US 8156236B2; US 9264472B2; US 10305948B2); and Streaming Video NavigationSystems (US 8787726).

5 US issued patents across 2 patent families related to technology for rapid key frame switching and for smooth switching between camera angles in a video stream.

Brokerage package summary including identified EOU and Exemplary Players and Products available upon request.

The portfolio is offered for Sale: Price Target = $ 210,000;  or Non-exclusive License Target = $ 50,000.

To receive a Brokerage Marketing Package, please contact Rich Ehrlickamn; [email protected], 561-302-3797.


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