“Activity Interruption Management” – Two granted U.S. patents 9,069,604 and 9,384,038

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present the attached exclusive  “ACTIVITY INTERRUPTION MANAGEMENT” Patent Portfolio, which includes two granted U.S. patent nos. 9,069,604 and 9,384,038, and a pending US patent application no. 15/200,771 assigned to Yagi Corp and inventor Robert Plotkin.

The technology disclosed in the patent assets provides the following advantages:

• It helps people to complete complex procedures even after they have been interrupted.

• It helps people return to the interrupted task after they have been interrupted.

• For example, if a member of a flight crew in an airplane cockpit is interrupted while performing a pre-flight takeoff procedure, failure to complete the procedure can result in a crash or other significant harm.

• The technology disclosed in the patent assets automatically reminds people to return to interrupted tasks so that they can be completed, without relying on human memory to return to such tasks.

The technology taught in the patent portfolio has applications in multiple domains including semi-autonomous vehicles, airplanes, hospitals, and offices.

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