27 HP Inc. Digital Camera and Image Processing Patents

TransactionsIP LLC is pleased to present on an exclusive basis the following patents for sale “DIGITAL CAMERA & IMAGE PROCESSING” which includes 27 U.S. Patents assigned to HP. The IP relates to methods and apparatus for processing digital camera records and storing photographic images in digital form. The inventions pertain to image capturing which is usually accomplished by use of image sensors, using a charged coupled device.

 The technology disclosed provides lots of advantage a few of which are:

  • Provides proper focus feedback to the camera user, compressed image, and other image processing capabilities.
  • Provides alerts or notification to the user to clean the lens before capturing an image.
  • Provides location of the image capturing device.

The portfolio can be purchased for mid to low 7 figures and encumbrances will be handled by a white list of unencumbered companies after an NDA is executed.

Please click here to see the patents included in this portfolio.

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